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International Womens Day Event

This Years international day, celebrated at New Wortley Community centre was a blast thanks to the Women’s Group at the centre. The entire day was full of excitement, inspiration and community spirit.

From diamond painting to the thank you tree, the activities were fun and engaging. Participants created beautiful artworks using tiny colourful beads in the diamond painting activity, while the thank you tree allowed people to express gratitude to the inspirational women in their lives. The quotes written on the tree were heartwarming and uplifting, including messages like

'my amazing funny mum'


'Mo Mowlam for not being intimidated by strong men and slapping her wig on the table'.

The quilting workshops run by the women's group were a huge success, giving participants an opportunity to learn new skills and create something unique to take home. Working together, the women created beautiful pieces and enjoyed the process of crafting and chatting.

The event also featured inspirational speakers who shared their experiences and stories. Saafa and Erica from Touchstone shared moving stories about their mental health journeys, everyone stopping to listen to thier inspirational stories. Megan from Leeds Health talked about the importance of women's health and screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The day ended with a raffle and the women coming together to dance to iconic female singers, celebrating the strength and resilience of women. It was a joyful and uplifting way to end the day, and everyone left feeling inspired and energised.

The event raised money for local charity Leeds Hospitals, which is a testament to the generosity and compassion of the participants.

The women's group at New Wortley Community Centre deserve special thanks, especially Sam, Liz, and Sandra, for organising the activities and making the day so amazing. The staff at New Wortley also played a significant role in creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that made the event a huge success.

Overall, the International Women's Day event at New Wortley Community Centre was a fantastic celebration of the achievements of women and a reminder of the importance of supporting each other and working together to create positive change in the world. We can't wait for next year's event!

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