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ABCD in the Armley Community

"Join the Armley community in embracing the power of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)! This approach focuses on the strengths and assets of our community, not just its problems. By coming together and sharing our skills, experiences, and perspectives, we can tap into our collective wisdom and knowledge to solve issues and drive positive change.

From Armley Action Team's seasonal festivals to Hookers and Clickers' charity crafts and Armley Common Rights Trust Volunteer Sundays, Armley is home to many community-led initiatives that understand and tackle local challenges. By empowering ourselves to shape our future, we become stronger and more resilient.

Conversations play a crucial role in ABCD. By discussing our aspirations and concerns as a community, we can identify common issues and work together to find solutions. This not only leads to a greater sense of ownership and investment, but also sustains positive change over time.

By being invested in and working together as a community, we become stronger and better equipped to tackle challenges. Let's create lasting change that grows organically with the strengths of our community. To find out more and get involved, contact

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